Robinaugh provides both Basic and Advanced Life Support ambulance service. Common run types include: Inter-hospital Transfers, Emergency and Non Emergency Responses, Discharges from Hospitals, Ground Transport for Helicopters, Outpatient Visits and Standby for Special Events.

Partnership with MedFlight

MedFlight helicopter During inclement weather when the helicopters are not able to fly, Robinaugh and MedFlight join together to provide a mobile intensive care unit. The flight crew and equipment are added to our staff and ambulance so we can quickly and safely get the patient transferred to a higher acuity facility with the highest level of care possible.

We also provide Ambulette (wheelchair transport) for patients that are confined to a wheelchair and are able to maintain an erect position in a moving vehicle. We can transport patients to and from appointments at hospitals, doctor's offices and dialysis centers. Medicaid is the only insurance carrier that will cover this type of transport and must be certified medically necessary by their physician. We are a Passport Provider for Logan and Champaign Counties and can provide both Medical and Non-Medical transportation to these patients.


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